I was born in 1966 in Iran. I remember when I was in fourth grade in primary school, in our painting class, I draw a picture. My teacher asked me to change my seat, sit beside the window and draw another picture, while there was nobody sitting beside me or nothing under my paper to get help from. So, she gave a pencil and a blank paper to me and asked me to draw again, for she thought I might have copied it. When I finished drawing, she asked the school assistant to come to see my drawing. Then, she took it to show it to all teachers and tried to encourage me to continue drawing.
I had not been trained to draw by anybody up to that time, but I had a big notebook of my imaginary portraits. I remember when our relatives come over our house; they used to ask me to fetch my notebook to show my drawings to them. They sometimes consider them as models for their hairstyles or clothes. Later, when I was 12, I learned drawing and painting in a cultural institute for several years from Abbas Afzalifar. Later, since I was busy in other activities, such as sport activities ( as a member of the volleyball team in primary, guidance and high school ), cultural activities (painting, cultural affairs at school as radio reporter, as a member of choir group in radio ), and after finishing high school education and being admitted in Tehran University of Medical Sciences in Midwife ( I used to teach painting at university level ), and finally being a member of the university sport teams ( swimming and volleyball ), I had some amateur and recommended paintings in some private collections, so I became distant from professional painting. Finally, after some years, I have been learning drawing and painting for 20 years from Iranian great realist painting teacher Morteza Katoozian. During this time, I have attended several galleries in Mr.Katoozian’s gallery, and again in group gallery (Sabz Gallery in September, 1998; and Sa’d Abad Palace fine arts museum in October, 2002 ), and the Contemporary Iranian painters’ book ( group work by some of Mr.Katoozian’s students), and I have created many recommended paintings, which are in my personal and private collection. I have been painting constantly in my work place and nothing is more beautiful than the day when I paint.

Zohreh Hosseini